United Provinces of Guyana
United Provinces of Guyana
Timeline: Rebuild (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Eastern Guyana and Suriname
Flag of Guyana
Flag of Guyana
Capital Paramaribo
Largest city Georgetown
Other cities New Amsterdam, Rose Hall, Port Mourant, Nieuw Nickerie, Apoera, Lelydorp
English, Dutch , Spanish
  others Amerindian languages, Hindi/Bhojpuri, Javanese, Saramaccan
Religion Christian denominations, Hinduism, Islam
Ethnic Groups
Indo-Caribbean, Afro-Caribbean, and Amerindian groups
  others Smaller numbers of Chinese, Javanese, English, Dutch, and Portuguese
Demonym Guyanese
Legislature Governor of The United Provinces
Population appr. 500,000 
Annexation to South American Federation
Currency Brazilian Real
Organizations SATEC
The United States of Guyana is a Federal Republic led by the Government of Free Guyana and has total Jurisdiction as a full state with the incorporation of French Guyana and Suriname.

Post Apocalypse

The Government of Guyana following the Nuclear holocaust declared strict isolation in order to remain soluble and stable during the mass crisis. On the Eve of asking Suriname and French Guyana to form together into a signle nation. However with the collapse of the European Governments and other unforseen circumstances Brazil Technically Annexed these two areas. However 6 months later Brazil following their taking of Venezuela and the Treaty of Caracas secured Free Guyanas membership into the South American Federation by giving them jurisdiction over all of Guyana as a full state in the Federation and not three separate states.

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