United Provinces of America
Timeline: Here we go again
(EEM)usaflag36 No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Windsor (ON)
English, German
  others Spanish, French, various Amerind languages and dialects
Monarch William V
Prime Minister Barack Obama
Area area km²
Population 876 000 000 
Established 1766
Currency Amro



Formed in 1766, in accordance with the Albany Congress, the United Provinces of America is a dominion of the British Empire, the first of its kind. It is a federal state, formed from 44 provinces, 5 Indian Autonomous Provinces (IAP), 3 territories and 1 Indian Autonomous Territory (IAT), which is all of British North America and British Guiana.

Two Days War

World War I

World War II

Modern Times

Government and Political

UPA Government

Provinces and Territories


Province Capital Area Admission Notes
Ontario Toronto Canada 1911
Quebec Montreal Canada 1891
Antillia Chaguaramas Caribbean 2000
Bahamas Nassau Caribbean 1899
Belize Belmopan Caribbean 1891
Cuba Havana Caribbean 1854
Guyana Georgetown Caribbean 1867
Haiti Port-au-Prince Caribbean 1844
Jamaica Kingston Caribbean 1833
Miskito Bluefields Caribbean 1867 Indian Autonomous State
Puerto Rico San Juan Caribbean 1898
Santo Domingo Santo Domingo Caribbean 1844
Oregon Salem Cascadia 1859
Vancouver Island Victoria Cascadia 1871
East Florida Tallahasse Gulf 1822
Louisiana New Orleans Gulf 1812
Texas Austin Gulf 1845
West Florida Pensacola Gulf 1822
Newfoundland St John's Maritimes 1867
Nova Scotia Halifax Maritimes 1841
Delaware Dover Mid-Atlantic 1774
Maryland Annapolis Mid-Atlantic 1766
New Jersey Trenton Mid-Atlantic 1774
New York Albany Mid-Atlantic 1766
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mid-Atlantic 1766
Wyoming Buffalo Mid-Atlantic 1789 Indian Autonomous State
Illinois Springfield Mid-west 1818
Indiana Indianapolis Mid-west 1834 Indian Autonomous State
Ohio Columbus Mid-west 1803
Connecticut Hartford New England 1766
Maine Augusta New England 1820
Massachusets Boston New England 1766
New Hampshire Concord New England 1766
Rhode Island Providence New England 1766
Vermont Montpellier New England 1789
Georgia Atlanta Southern 1774
North Carolina Raleigh Southern 1774
South Carolina Columbia Southern 1774
Virgina Richmond Southern 1774
Sequoia Tombigbee Wilderness 1819
Transylvania Point Pleasant Wilderness 1819
Vandalia Harrodsburg Wilderness 1781
Manitoba Red River Upper Plains 1870 Indian Autonomous State


Territory Capital Area Incorporation Notes
Alaska Anchorage Cascadia 1867
British Columbia Kelowna Cascadia 1867
Missouri Territories Dakota Lower Plains 1867 Indian Autonomous Territory
Northwest Territories Yorkfactory Upper Plains 1867

  Provinces of the United Provinces of America  

Antillia | Bahamas | Belize | Connecticut | Cuba | Delaware | East Florida | Georgia | Guyana | Haiti | Jamaica | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Newfoundland | North Carolina | Nova Scotia | Ohio | Ontario | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Puerto Rico | Quebec | Rhode Island | Santo Domingo | South Carolina | Texas | Transylvania | Vancouver Island | Vandalia | Vermont | Virginia | West Florida | Wyoming


Illinois | Indiana | Manitoba | Miskito | Sequoia


Alaska | British Columbia | Missouri Territories | Northwest Territories

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