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United American Provinces
Timeline: Their British America
Flag of the United Republic (Their British America)
Flag of the United Provinces
United Provinces orthographic map (Their British America)
Location of the United Provinces

God Save the King (English)

(and largest city)
New York City
Language English
  others Catholicism, Islam, Judaism
Demonym American
Government Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Population ~398,285,460 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1824
Currency American dollar ($)
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Calling Code +1

The United American Provinces, commonly known as the United Provinces, U.A.P. and the U.P., is a nation encompassing most of North America. It is composed of numerous of federated provinces, and belongs to the Imperial Commonwealth. The nation borders Mexico to the south.


British America


Unity and Independence

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