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The Current Crisis

Brazil: What should we do about the current crisis and the Coalition forming to attack the Dominican Republic?


Mexican 6 Point Plan

  1. The Dominican Republic will immediately withdraw all troops from all islands in the Caribbean, with the exception of Hispaniola.
  2. Haiti will become a Dominion of the Dominican Republic, as it is in a state of anarchism.
  3. The CLA will halt all violent expansion, until 1915.0
  4. The UPA and The Opposition will work together to crush the Caribbean Peoples Army
  5. Italy and Ethiopia will let Eritreans vote (Random 50/50 unbiased Mod) on their future.
  6. The World will establish a League of Nations. (this would function exactly as the OTL LoN)

Please Sign if you agree to the above proposal. Also sign on main page!!!!!!!

Mexico, David Rain

Invasion of the DR

Brazil: We should declare war on the aggressors now, or at least send full military support. Brazil will declare war if no otheres join the war on the DR's side.

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