United Papal States controls the region of the former Papal States. The United Papal States is made of a Germanic ethnicity because of the fleeing Germans in world war that had immigrated there. Most were Nazis trying to outrun their execution for war crimes. The United Papal States is the only Communist country left on the Italian peninsula after the fall of the Soviet Union



Roman Period

Medival ages

Colonial Era



Cold War



The United Papal states is relativaly poor country in Italy compared to all the other Italian nations. It has one fifth the GDP of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The United Papal states uses the Papalian as its currency. The Papalian is about worth as much as one dollar in the United Papal States, but only about one penny in American Dollars.

Foreign Policy


Ever since world war two the United Papal states has been under the communist party. There are a few nationalists parties in the United Papal states, such as the Central Italian Party (CIP) and the Papal Party (PP). In 1988 during the cold war the United Papal states was divided into a small civil war in which any power the nationalist parties had had was wiped out.

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