The United North American Empire (UNAE) is an absolute monarchy encompassing all of North America. It has 72 provinces.

The Establishment

When Washington became president of the united states, he decided not to set term limits and strongly hated slavery, he passed a law stating slaves should be freed and that the whites who treated slaves harshly would be executed, a law is passed stating that all are Equal. Fast forward to the expansion into the Louisiana territory, The native Americans were allowed to keep their land and a law was placed there is a place called Montana where the natives are allowed to live as long as they stay peaceful. In the early 1920's a man by the name of Rischard Fadd moved to America and he overthrew the government and stated that America is superior to all other countries and had the Military doubled in size and had Mexico,Canada,Cuba,Greenland, and the rest invaded and annexed. 5 years later a UFO was captured by the military and Fadd stated that the USA should advance itself, the technology of the UFO was incorporated into the military. People soon learned that space travel should be done and a satellite was launched into orbit named Putto one. Fadd also discovered from the UFO a way of extending life by 1000 years.


  1. Smoking and drugs banned
  2. Alcohol banned
  3. It's illegal to not recycle
  4. The Population must be under 500,000
  5. The 6 Continent system must be used in ALL schools  (North America, South America,Eurasia, Oceania, Africa, and Antarctica)
  6. The 12 month system is Erased and the 13 month system must be used everywhere in the country, native Americans aside. 13 months 28 days of each, with an intermission that's not part of the week or anything, it's just intermission and on leap years there is 2. (March,April,June,Sextilis,Quintilis,September,October,November,December, January,February, Fadenurary)
  7. Ban Eating animal flesh, unless it is needed ABSOLUTELY for survival.
  8. Capital punishment (Murder,Homicide,child molestation,rape,terrorism)
  9. 200 day school year, last month must have no work, homework abolished
  10. Ban hunting
  11. Gays,homos,transgender,lesbians are thrown in jail if caught
  12. Same sex marriage banned
  13. It's illegal to abuse animals
  14. Circuses are banned, animal rights are upheld with utmost importance.
  15. It's illegal to keep an animal in a zoo form for more than 30 days
  16. Solar panels mandatory on every house
  17. It's illegal to build dams
  18. Daylight Savings Time is strictly prohibited and everyone is on "winter time"
  19. The 12 hour time keeping system is banned and everyone must use 24 hour clocks (military time)
  20. Everyone is taught there are 21 planets (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Ceres,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto and Charon,Orcus,Ixion,2002MS4,Salacia,Varuna, 2005UQ513,Quaoar,2007OR10,2007UK126, Sedna, Planet 9)
  21. It's illegal to join the Illuminati
  22. United states must be neutral in all wars
  23. Metric system is banned
  24. 5% of it's GDP on space exploration
  25. The monarch/king has all true power until death/resign/name someone else monarch
  26. OTL laws are also in effect (the ones that don't intervene with these ones0

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