United New England
United States of New England
Timeline: Swede Victorious
Une-sv-prop1 No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Boston
Largest city Manhattan
Other cities Kennebunkport, Springfield, Hartford
Language English
Religion Christianity
Government Republic
President Theodore Kennedy
Population (2007 est.) 
Established 1776
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1776
  recognized 1783
Currency Dollar

The United States of New England remained in the hands of Britain after the disastrous treaty ending the Seven Years War in 1763. The loss of the southern colonies put pressure on New England to provide revenue for the United Kingdom and in 1776, a formal declaration of independence was declared.

Sweden and France were quick to recognize the existence of the fledgling nation, and clandestine support gave it a military upper hand against Britain. In 1783, peace was declared by the Treaty of New Stockholm (heretofore New York or New Amsterdam).

The United States of New England went on to become a minor nation, yet influential nonetheless on the international stage.


Begun initially as colonies of the United Kingdom, and mostly those of religious groups dissenting from the Church of England's practices, the Colonies of New England were very religiously minded. As their hold on American soil increased they desired to maintain their own freedom. The Seven Years War proved a heavy burden on them, and the continued burden from England when the New Englanders remained the only colonies of the British in North America chafed.

By 1776, the New Englanders had had enough, and declared their Independence, routing the British regulars within a matter of a month. This was not long to last, and defeat would've been likely, had not Canada and the USSA opened their borders to allow goods to be exchanged, keeping the economy afloat in New England.

Military aid was also useful, and the British Navy could never muster a successful blockade of New England, as most of its goods were going overland to the neighboring nations by that point.

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