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United Nations Flag
United Nations Task Force in
Active February 20, 1991 - April 10, 1991
Type Peacekeeping mission
Allegiance United Nations Flag United Nations
Personnel 30,000 men
Motto In pace virtus (Latin: In peace virtue)
Commander Maj. General William F. Garrison (US Army)

The United Nations Task Force in Somalia (UNTFIS) was a United Nations peacekeeping force that was sent to Somalia in early 1991 to establish order after reports of violent fightings reached the UN Secretariat.


In January 1991 and after a series of reports of extreme violence in the central area of Somalia reach the United Nations which are taken as an upsurge in violence at the Somali Civil War, the UN General Assembly votes to establish a mission to enforce peace in Somalia, the United Nations Task Force in Somalia (UNTFIS).

The first contingent of UNTFIS troops lands in Mogadishu in February 20th. The five thousand soldiers that compose the first wave of this task force begin preparations for the arrival of the remaining twenty-five thousand soldiers. To this initial group adds a second one, formed by fifteen thousand troopers, which arribe in February 26th.

After two week preparations, in March 12th the first observation and patrol missions begin in Mogadishu. Four days later UNTFIS patrols had their first encounter with SHV-infected individuals in an incident during which one blue beret got infected. This infected soldier died next day and reanimated, attacking and infecting three other mission members who got airlifted to Ramstein AFB.

After a few more encounters with violent infected individuals, patrols inside Mogadishu city are discontinued in March 20th. During the next two weeks Mogadishu slowly falls to the undead, being completely overrun at April 2nd. On April 6th hordes of zombies attack the UNTFIS HQ at Mogadishu Airport but are easily repelled. Preparations for an evacuation convoy begin and on the next day the UNTFIS troops depart south towards the kenyan border. Three days later they reach Mombasa where a fleet of cargo aircraft waits to take them to Zaragoza Air Base in Spain. At this point the mission is already over.

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