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United Nations
1980 –
United Nations Flag
United Nations map
UN Member States
Headquarters International Territory in London
Official languages Arabic, Chinese, English, Deutsch, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Membership 57 Members
- 2008 –
Secretary General
Norbert Lammert

The United Nations was established in 1980, the reconciliation age. The UN protects peace, mediates conflict, and unites all Nations.

Security Council

The UNSC consistes of the US, Germany, China, the UK, Italy. India and Brazil are the Third World members to be on the Security Council.

Conflict mediate by UN

In 1997, the Japan and Korea experienced a downturn in relations. Two countries fires across the Korean Sea. The UN mediated potential war, preventing the Japan-Korea War.
The United Nations Building

The United Nations Secretariat Building at the United Nations Headquarters in Greater London

UN General Assembly hall

United Nations General Assembly hall

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