The United Nations is a organisation which was proposed by the Atlantic in 1948. It was designed to give peace to the world and deal with things like war, trade, sanctions, poverty, treaties, rebuilding infrastructure. The short name of the United Nations is the UN. The United Nations will be based in Melbourne, Victoria, the Atlantic until New York is fully rebuilt in 1949. The founding members are China, the Atlantic, India, Saudi Arabia and the Republic of California. Any nation in the world may join this organisation.

Nations in the UN

Founding members: Atlantic China Saudi Arabia India Republic of California

Nations which are invited

These are nations who have invited to the UN. For your nation become part of the UN sign your name next to it. Mod responses will happen tomorrow. Russia (if they sign the Treaty of Liverpool) Japan (if they accept the Treaty of San Diego) Brazil Chile Argentina Peru Ecuador Columbia Venezuela Guyana Suriname Mexico Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras Belize Guatemala El Salvador Portugal Spain (if they give Gibraltar back to the Atlantic) Sweden

Nations which are agains UN policy

These are nations which are not allowed to join the UN.

*Communist France

Any nations is the Nordic Council Germany Italy Yugoslavia Turkey Romania Any Persian rebels

Problems that face the world in 1948

Russo-Atlantic War

The Russo-Atlantic War ending with the The Treaty of Liverpool (Battle of Britain) being proposed by the Atlantic. When the Russo-Atlantic has ended we should accept Russia as our friends and allow them in this organisation. However, nations like India and Saudi Arabia will have more power in the union that Russia. When the war is over the Atlantic and Russia would have to work together in rebuilding the cities they've destroyed. Also, none of the UN nations would have to declare war on Russia but has to support and aid the Atlantic, India and Saudi Arabia in there war. If people agree with this sign there name here: Atlantic - AH28


Californian Crisis

With Japan taking over California, which rightfully is Republic of Caifornia I call to sanction Japan until they stop attacking California. I also propose the Treaty of San Diego with ending the Californian Crisis. It says that Japan will stop attacking California and they will have half of it while the other half is Republic of California's. Japan may give independent to any nations the want in there half of California. Atlantic:


Communist rebels in France

To prevent the spread of communism I think the UN should invade France. When France is defeated we make an independent state called the Republic of France. Atlantic: AH28



I think we should sanction and blockade Finland and their allies until they become democratic. Atlantic: AH28


Nations with nukes

This is the list of what nations should have nukes and by stockpile order: The Atlantic China Japan Germany Saudi Arabia India Brazil Italy


  • Atlantic: AH28


Anything I (AH28) missed


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