This is an archive of all resolutions, failed and passed.

UN Resolution 0001

  • Filed by:
  • Republic of Korea
  • Description:
  • Condemn Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, East Turkmenistan, and Tibet.


Security Council,

NOTING that the nations of Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, East Turkmenistan, and Tibet have illegally invaded the territory of China.

DEFINING independent, sovereign nation as a nation which another nation has no legal power over.

FURTHER NOTING that China is an independent, sovereign nation.

BELIEVING that the invasion of Chinese territory by the nations listed above is illegal under international law.

PROTESTING that no reasonable casus belli had been given by the above nations.

CONDEMNING the nations of Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, East Turkmenistan, and Tibet for the illegal invasion of China.

REQUIRING the above nations to cease fire with Chinese forces and withdraw in the next year, and to pay for all damages to the nation of China.


  • Flag of South Korea Korea
  • Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
  • Flag of France France
  • Nueva Granada


  • Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
  • Flag of Poland Poland
  • Japan
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of Tibet Tibet
  • Naval Ensign of Japan Japan

UN Resolution 0002

  • Filed by:
  • Democratic Republic of Japan
  • Description:
  • Recognize the conquest of China


Security Council,

NOTING that the nations of Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, East Turkmenistan, and Tibet have conquered legally the country of China.

DEFINING the rights of the 4 invaders of China over their conquered land.

RECOGNIZING that the Republic of China is no longer existent.

NOTING that China is now the Communist People's Republic of China.


  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of TibetTibet
  • Flag of PolandPoland
  • Flag of the Soviet UnionUSSR


  • Flag of the United Kingdom Britain
  • Flag of South Korea Korea
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium

UN Resolution 0003

  • Filed by:
  • Greece
  • Description:
  • Find a compromise over the fate of china


Security Council,

NOTING that the nations of Mongolia, Japan, Great Britain, East Turkmenistan, and Tibet have engaged in this war to intervene in the Chinese Civil war

DEFINING the rights of China to choose it's own destiny.

REQUIRING that china be held under plebiscite by military district.

LISTING nine military districts total.

DEFINING those military districts as Inner Mongolia, Tibetan-occupied China, East Turkestani-occupied China, British-occupied China, Manchuria, Northern Japanese-occupied China, Southern Japanese-occupied China, and Taiwan.

USING peacekeepers to ensure valid election results, and to ensure order.

ENSURING that the Chinese have an option of remaining part of the country who is currently sovereign over them.

GIVING the Chinese their choice of government in each of these reasons.

ALLOWING the Chinese the option of uniting under one government, or remaining divided.

CONDEMNING any nation who uses any means to disrupt, influence, or create a fraudulent election for whatever purpose.


  • Greece
  • Britain
  • Nueva Granada
  • Flag of South Korea Korea
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium



  • Flag of PolandPoland
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of TibetTibet

UN Resolution 0004

  • Filed by: Nueva Granada
  • Discription: Speed up the decolonization process and ensure the expansion self determination, based on ethnic and historical ties.

Argument: for the past 400 years the world has been under the sway of a small group of nations. What our nation proposes is the initiation of a UN lead decolonization progran to give the rights of life and freedom to those who it has been denied to for almost too long.

  • This resolution is open to discussion before mailing out the details.
  • Greece: I see no need for this resolution to be passed. The British are giving independence to all of their colonies that seek to separate themselves from the British Empire. The same things are happening in the Dutch colonies. I'm sure the French will see people wishing for independence as well. I see no need to hurry this in any way. At any point, when a nation wishes for independence, it should be granted. However, there is no need to decolonize areas which seek to remain with their mother nations.
  • Tibet: I agree with Greece.
  • Romania: Romania seconds Greece's decision, but insist nations be allowed to colonize areas with no native inhabitants.
  • Britain: What Greece is saying is true.

UN Resolution 0005

  • Filed by:
  • Greece
  • Description:
  • In the aftermath of World War II, a plan must be created to ensure the defeated nations do not descend into anarchy.


Security Council,

ENSURING the defeated nations are not to be oppressed

RECOGNIZING the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Japan, nations that wished to eliminate their oppressive governments

HELPING those nations in their endeavours to survive

GRANTING independence to the nations of Hungary, and combining Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into the Republic of the Baltic

CREATING a De-Militarized Zone along the border of the Republic of Poland and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

GUARDING the newly independent nations from other nations wishing to oppress them


TRANSFERRING possession of Hungary, parts of Slovakia, and parts of Poland to Austria.


Tibet: I am for this.

Britain: It agrees. The nations deserve help.

Germany: agrees to this.

Romania: Romania agrees to this resolution, but also wants China to become independent at some time.

Greece: Considering the game has a decolonization rule, it will probably happen sometime. Austria can have the land specified. here's what it looks like in the end (olive green represents lands lost by Poland):

Austrain borders
Austria: As I am part of the General Assembly, I accept the proposed borders on the map as well as Germany gaining some land.

India: Germany already gained land. I for one completely oppose this. Hungary and part of Slovakia is fine, but no Poland should be lost to any other country!! The Baltics will remain Polish. End of!!

Austria: Think about it: CNAT wins, Poland annexes plenty of other countries land, and what would you say then. Poland doesn't care until it happens to Poland itself. Same concept with Germany in WW1 and WW2 OTL, Germany wouldn't have cared, it was big and huge, and everyone would be to scared to say "hey, that's mine, can I have it back, please, pretty please with a cherry on top?".

Greece: On the Axis page there was a decision to hold a plebiscite, using an unbiased mod, that was not a member of the Axis or CNAT at any time.

Due to the unification with Romania, the Amendment has been nullified.

Romania: Only Hungary goes to Austria (Poland agreed to this). Austria unifies with Romania, and nothing else is ceded unless the Baltic nations want independence.

Greece: I'm fine with that.

Britain: We can't let all the countries in the Balkans unite as we need the people's permission to do so.

Poland: Should the Baltics decide they want independence, Poland will respect this as it doesn't want to oppress others. However, we ask that portion of it remain Polish as this is our only waterway access.

UN Resolution 0006

  • Filed by:
    • Germany
  • Description: Transferring of strategic straits and canals
  • Argument: For many years, countries have owned strategic straits and canals, some of which are vital to the survival of nations, and the distribution of goods. However, in war time, many of these straits and canals are closed to the opposing side.
  • Security Council,

TRANSFERRING of strategic canals and straits from the sovereign nation to the UN.

PROTECTING of supply lines between these straits and canals during wartime.


Greece: This infringes on the rights of nations, and the sovereignty of their land. if a nation owns a strategic waterway, it should be allowed to do what it will with that waterway.

The USA: Will use its permanent Security Council status to veto this resolution, on account of the US not wishing to give up the strategic Panama Canal.

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