A lighthouse, symbol of the United Liberal Party

The United Liberal Party (Swedish: Förenade liberala partiet, Finnish: Yhdistää liberaalinen puolue, Danish and Norwegian: Forenede liberale partiet) is a political party in Sweden. It is one of the three legal parties, the other two being the National Conservative Party of Sweden and the Swedish Christian Party.

The United Liberal Party was founded by Torgny Segerstedt 1933. It claims to be a firm believer in human rationality and the idea that mankind is able to make this planet a better place to live. However, it is also a broad party that contains many different ideas and fractions.

Chairmen of the United Liberal Party have been:

1933-1940 Torgny Segerstedt

1940-1955 Gustaf Andersson

1955-1961 Ralf Törngren

1961-1982 Thorbjörn Fälldin af Westby

1982-1996 Bengt Westerberg

1996-2006 Göran Persson

2006- Maria Wetterstrand

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