Currency: Korean YenGovernment: Imperial Republic Languages: Korean,Manchu, Preceded By: ROK,DPRK,PRC Proceeded By: PRKM

The 2nd Korean War

After the korean war in our timeline it was a ceasefire but in this timeline they signed a peace treaty instead around 1956 the second korean war broke out between china and the DPRK this time history wasn't so kind to north korea and the south won due to the subsequent collapse of the DPRK due to economic ties with the soviet union being cut off right when they were winning the war so the south only had one enemy china and they won taking manchuria and renaming themselves the United Korean Empire.

The UKE Civil War

In 1995 there was a civil war between the SPK Socialist party of korea and the IPK Imperial party the SPK won establishing the People's Republic of Korea-Manchuria.

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