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United Kingdoms of the Fuximi Islands
Official Language Fuximian
Capital Honolulu
Land Area 16,713 km²
Currency Fuximian Momme (Mome)

The United Kingdoms of the Fuximi Islands (Puhimi in Fuximian) is a federation of 4 kingdoms in the middle of the Eastern Ocean, consisting of the 8 main Fuximi Islands (the uninhabited Northwestern Islands are part of Japan). The Federation is a member of the Federation of Japanese States, and was previously a Japanese protectorate.

The islands were first discovered by Japanese navigators in 1757, who named them after Prince Fuximi-no-miya Kunitada, their sponsor.

Each kingdom has a king (Ali'i Aimoku or Ali'i Aimotu in Taua'i) and a Prime Minister along with an elected parliament. The federation itself is governed by a Council of Kings as a kind of collective Head of State (with a rotating First King as first among equals) and a fairly weak High Parliament.

The United Kingdoms form an economic union.

The kingdoms of Fuximi are, from west to east:

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