United Kingdoms of North America
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
McArth (formerly McArthur) (Judicial and executive),
Columbis (formerly Columbus) (Legislative)
  others Pennsylvania German
Secular (mostly of population);
Norse Neopaganism (officially put almost of population)
  others Amish's Anabaptism (minority)
Ethnic Groups
Unitians (Since 2004),
Ohioans (Until 2004)
  others Amish,
West Virginians,
Demonym Unitians (Since 2006),
Ohioans (Until 2006)
Government Confederate semi-constitutional monarchy
  legislature Monarch (National level),
High Kings (State level),
Local Mayors (Local level)
Grand King Darwin J'hemy (1998-)
Population 120,000+ (unofficial) 
Established March 13-15, 1998 (Formation),
March 16, 1998 (As United Kingdoms),
October 1, 1998 (As United Kingdoms of North America)
Currency Units
Organizations United World Nations

United Kingdoms of North America (formerly United Kingdoms) are formed kingdom nations and neo-feudal confederate semi-constitutional monarchy from March 16, 1998 by Southern Ohioan King J'hemy, Northern West Virginian Tribe leader and few Amish communities from once of Western Pennsylvania to formed originally defended themselves put an merchant creates political party under named "North American Party" claims to removed the king for head of state of new formed United Kingdoms to reunited the whole North American land under as 'Nationalistic Republic', Put King quickly give merchant as King's general and declare war two tribes in North part of Ohio. 



"Reuniting" the communities

Attempted Coup

Renaming the Nation and declaring of War on northern tribes

Unitirian First Civil War

Post-Civil War (Present Day)

Government and Politics

The current constitution of the United Kingdoms of North America establishes the kingdom as semi-constitutional monarchy, and a non-party feudalistic confederation. 

Executive - (Its current location is McArth)

Judiciary - Comprises of the Constitutional Headquarters, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Arbitration, and the confederal courts. All judges are appointed by the High Kings on the recommendation of the Monarch. The primary function of the courts is to interpret laws and to overturn laws deemed unconstitutional or illegal. (Its current location is McArth)

Legislative - (Its current location is now Columbus; Its original location was McArth until referendum decided to moved it to new locations in case of invasion from west or deep south.)

Political Parties in United Kingdoms of North America

Ultra-Followers Party - Centre-right (Soft Nationalism, Conservatism, Feudalism and Anti-National Republic) mostly usually 30% over in most parts around nation and 54,560+ members

Future Party - Centre (Neo-Liberalism and pseudo-Social Democracy) 25 to 23% in most parts around nation and 26,000+ members

Social Democratic Party - Politically Centre-left (Democratic Socialism and Social Liberalism) 12 to 14 several areas of nation put lowers in south parts of nation 10,674+ members

North American Party - Socially Right wing put Fiscally Centre right (Soft "North American" Nationalism with Jingoistic elements, proto-National Conservatism, Anti-Feudalism, Pro-National Republic) usually 1% under polls and 5000 to 5246 members



Astru/Germanic Paganism 74%

Christianity 16.2%

  • Anabaptist 15%
  • Non-denomination 1%
  • Protestantism 0.2%


Their own population from United World Nations is somewhat between 110,000 to 120,000 for 2013-14 census.

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