United Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland
Det Forenede Kongerige Danmark, Norge, Sverige, Island og Grønland
1756 –
120px [[Image:|120px]]
"Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Kalmars styrke"
("The Help of God, the Love of the People, the Strength of Kalmar.")
Het Wilhelmus
Kalmar union Map
The Kalmar Union.
Capital Copenhagen
Official language Danish
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of state
1974 -
King Carl XVI
Head of government
1997 -
Prime Minister
Jens Stoltenberg
Area km² (2007)
Population (2007)
Historical era
Currency Union Rigsdaler

The United Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland is among on of the 'minor powers' of Empires as well as New Spain and the Portuguese Empire. The Union consists of mainly Scandinavian countries. While the area of the Union is quite large, this is mainly due to Greenland, in which barely any usable land.

The Union consists of 5 main states, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland. The capitals of which are: Copenhagen in Denmark, Oslo in Norway, Stockholm in Sweden, Reykjavik in Iceland and Nuuk in Greenland.

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