200px-Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1860).svg

Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Regno Unito Delle Due Sicilie (Italian)

Regno Unito di Doje Siciliê (Neapolitan)

Regnu Unitu di Dui Sicilie (Sicilian)    

The United Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (RUDS) is a state in southern Europe, currently the richest of the Italian peninsula.

It is the last absolute monarchy in Europe, and political parties are forbidden, the King has the absolute power of both all three systems in the country and notorious for the remnants of feudalism which will be described later. No office is elected and the King and Queen exercise their power "by the grace of god".

Even with that, the country is a pioneer in introducing legislation against discrimination in workplaces and it was the first country in Europe to concede voting to women in 1874, violation and rape are punished with death penalty, being, together with Japan, the only democratic country that still maintains that form of punishment in all its territory.

It was the second country in Europe after Germany which instated free and public primary and secondary education after the German Empire.

The country is famous for its Mozzarella from Napoli and Fish from Sicily.

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