Early Colonization

After Hyperborea was discovered in 1410 by Scottish Explorer Jonathan Aitcheson, Scotland was the first nation to colonize the area. After landing in "Nova Scotia" (OTL Labrador), their colony grew fast and quick. After receiving news of this, the Brythionic King (OTL London and surrounding areas) sent his own explorers to scout out a location in the area. They landed in OTL New Jersey in 1439, and quickly began exploring the surrounding areas. Once the nations in Spain heard, they all began to colonize different regions of both Hyperborea and Hisperica. Aragon landed in Louisiana, Castile landed in Hispaniola, and Portugal landed in Venezuela, becoming the first explorers of Hisperica. Brythonia bought out the Aragonese colonies of Louisiana and the Castilian colonies of Florida, and began to expand even further to the west.

Renaissance Colonization

Castile united with Aragon under Ferdinand and Isabella, and Hispania began colonizing Mexico. They quickly removed the Aztec peoples in the late 1400's, and colonized up the coast and into OTL Texas.

Pre-Revolutionary Era

In the mid 1500s and 1600s Hyperborea was a collection of colonies of several different natinos throughout the colonial period. Eventually, England came to rule most of what later became Hyperborea in the late 1600s. However, England was not popular among most of its colonies, as they were previously ruled by enemies of the English. Wars in Europe escalated intercolonial violence and in 1716 the English colonies in Hyperborea staged the failed Hyperborean Rebellion. As a result of the rebellion, noble titles were awarded with residents of the colonies and also English war heroes.

Revolution and formation

By the late 1700s, revolutionary fervor swept the world and eventually reached Hyperborea. The assorted duchies and other colonies united to revolt in 1782 and won their independence by 1786 with the help of England's old enemies Spain and Germany. The question remained of what would become of the former colonies. For the better part of ten years, they were a system of loosely unified kingdoms, duchies, and even some republics. In 1802, the Kingdom of Virginia called for a meeting of the nations of Hyperborea and it ended with the declaration of the United Kingdom of America, with the Lee family being made the royal family. They remained in this position until the Hyperborean Civil War over the issues of slavery and other economic things. The Roosevelt family of New Netherland became the kings for their part in leading the civil war.

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