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United Kingdom Of Great Britain
United Kingdom Of Great Britain
Timeline: Colombian Empire
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Great Britain
Uk Since 1936

God Save The King (English)
("(God Save The King)")

(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Christian
Ethnic Group British
Queen Isabel II Of the United Kingdom
Currency PS (Pound Sterling)

One of the greatest, and more powerful nations of Western Europe, it once possessed a great Colonial Empire

The greatest enemy of the French republic until the latest year when due to mutual need (World war II) they initiated good relationships between each other.

History, Conflicts and wars

The kingdom already strong as of 1700 it possesed a small colonial empire in the Caribbean and the east coast of North America In 1765 the French Canada and Louisiana passed to British hands, but after a economic downside the 13 colonies formed in the east coast decide to gain independence and form republics, which after the 1780 decade decide to become a single federal nation, the United States Of America. After this, the kingdom's major colonies were Canada and Australian domains.

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