Type of Government: Constitutional monarchy
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800)

National flag of the United Kingdom

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth V

Head of Government : Prime Minister David Cameron


The United Kingdom of England and Scotland was created in 1651 and re-established in 1922. It was created to bring the Kingdoms together in a closer alliance. It was replaced in 1801 when Ireland became a part of the Union but was recreated in 1922 when most of Southern Ireland seceded from the Union. 

During the first union between 1651 and 1801 there was great tensions as most people in both England and Scotland did not want the union. Then in 1801 it was replaced with the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland. However, the union did not go well - especially during the First World War (1914-1920) where many Irish people felt threatened by England and its war against Germany. Union with Ireland eventually came to an end in 1922.


Map of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland detailing the County's of the Kingdom


House of Stuart

King James (1603-1605)

Queen Elizabeth II (1605-1662)

House of Wittelsbach

King Charles I (1662-1680)

King Charles II (1680-1685)

Queen Elizabeth III (1685-1722)

House of Lorraine

Queen Elizabeth IV (1722-1744)

King Francis (1744-1765)

House of Hapsburg-Lorraine

Queen Mary II (1765-1823)

House of Bourbon

Queen Mary III (1823-1851)

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

King Albert I (1851-1861)

King Albert II (1861-1910)

House of Windsor

King George (1910-1936)

King Edward VII (1936-1972)

Queen Elizabeth V (1972- Present day)

Queen Elizabeth V, current monarch of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland


The United Kingdom of England and Scotland is a Constitutional Monarchy with Queen Elizabeth V as head of state and Prime Minister David Cameron as head of Government, the British government is arranged in something called a parliament. Parliament meets in the House's of Parliamant, westmintser, London, the Present Parliament bulding was built during the reigns of Queen Mary III, King Albert I and King Albert II.

The state opening of Parliament takes place in May every year, the Monarch gives a speech stating what his or her government will try to achieve that year.
David Cameron official

Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom of England and Scotland