United Kingdom of Britain and North America
1754 –
UKOBANA [[Image:|120px]]
"Dieu et mon droit
("God and my right.")
Land of Hope and Glory
The United Kingdom of Britain and North America.
Capital London
Official language English
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of state
1974 -
King Richard IV
Head of government
1997 -
Prime Minister
David Cameron and 
Area km² (2007)
Population 320,033,584 (2007)
Historical era
- Albany Plan
27th August 1754
Currency Union Pound Sterling

The United Kingdom of Britain and North America' is the largest hypernation in the world, rallying along with New France and the Russian Empire. The Empire has also been described as The empire on which the sun never sets' as it is so vast and has at least 1 colony on each continent.

The Empire consists of four main states, these are the Kingdom of Britain, the Kingdom of Ireland, the North American Union and the Kingdom of Oceania. The 4 Capitals of these states are: London in the Kingdom of Britain, Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland, Philadelphia in the North American Union and Brisbane in the Kingdom of Oceania. Also on the 2nd of April 2009 a referendum was held in the British Raj to see whether they wished to join the union as a kingdom, this turned out to be a success and the British Raj, on the 4th of April was officially declared a Kingdom within the Union, it's capital is New Delhi.

After a series of terrorist attacks in Florida and Manchester, mainly by minor Irish antagonists, the British Government has started a nationwide sweep of all of Ireland to see where this minor terrorist group is, and in a recent survey they found that actually most Irish civilians are content under British rule. The British government, while a generous government that keeps hold of its Empire through generosity, it is extremely harsh on any terrorists and will use whatever is necessary to find out who the other terrorists are and will eradicate them quickly. This stops most organizations from actually carrying out terrorist attacks and most just use poor propaganda against the Empire.


Government & Politics


Foreign Relations

Relations with France

Relations with Germany

Relations with Russia

Relations with the Kalmar Union

Lion and Eagle Pact

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