United Kingdom of Alba and Hibernia
An Ríocht Aontaithe na Alba an Éire
Timeline: Pure Arabica
Alba-hiber No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Edinburgh
Largest city Dublin
Other cities Cork, York, Glasgow
Gaelic, English
  others Anglislamic
Religion Catholicism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister
Population 37,292,140 (2007 est.) 
Currency Líre

The United Kingdom of Alba and Hibernia dates to Roman times, when the Picts descended from Alba pushing the Romans back into the sea in 500 AD. Saved from major Angle, Saxon and Jute invasion by the pressure of the Muslim invasion of Europe, Gaelic is the mother language of these northern isles, nevertheless borrowing heavily from Arabic and other former invaders.

Despite heavy influence from its neighbors across the sea, a strong underground current of Paganism survives, and has increased since the 1980's, especially as Islam's focus on Atkellim Allah has taken a stronger role in the international community.

Since the fall of the Frankish Kingdoms the United Kingdom has been at near constant war with the Caliphate of Firanja. It has only been in recent years that the Gaelic speaking minorities of Brittany have been granted any form of autonomy.

The Celts (as they call themselves) of Alba and Hibernia invaded the Caliphate of Londris and established the Principality of Anglia, a move supported by their allies and the Peace Treaty of Limotas following the Continental War.

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