The 1996 general election was to see a conservative landslide, the first conservative victory since 1979. Labour won its lowest share of the vote since 1933,

First Party Second Party Third Party
Michael Portillo by Regents College cropped
Neil Kinnock
Paddy ashdown
Name Michael Portillo Neil Kinnock Paddy Ashdown
Party Conservative Labour Liberal
Last Election
Seats Won
Seat Change

The Conservative party policy of campaigning heavily in the seats held by cabinet members paid off, with Tony Blair, Robin Cook and Gordon Brown being defeated.

Conservative Campaign

The conservative campaign was coordinated by Amanda Platell, Portillo's media adviser.

Labour Campaign

The labour campaign was largely centred around portraying the conservatives as an incompetant political party, reminding voters of the lamentable performance of the Whitelaw government.

Liberal Campaign

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