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United Kingdom general election, 1964 (The Found Order)

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First Party Second Party Third Party
James Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx 1974-1976
Sir Alec Douglas Home
Leader Harold Wilson Alec Douglas-Home Jo Grimond
Party Labour Conservative Liberal
Last Election 349 269 12
Seats Won 320 295 15
Seat Change -29 +26 +3
Percentage 44.4% 41.3% 12.3%

The election saw the labour party face significant loses, going from a majority of 23 to a majority of 4. The result was a surprise to many, as a labour landslide had been predicted.

Opinion polls varied in the month leading up to the election, ranging from a conservative landslide to a labour landslide, with the general consensus on election night that labour would be the largest party in a hung parliament.

Harold Wilson would call another election in 1966, winning a landslide victory.

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