United Kingdom Football Association (UKatWC)
Association crest
Founded 18 July 1946
FIFA affiliation 1946–
UEFA affiliation 1954
President HRH The Duke of Cambridge

The United Kingdom Football Association, also known as the UKFA, is the governing body that is responsible for appointing the management of the men's, women's and youth national football teams. Since 1978 it has also been responsible for organizing the UKFA Cup.


The UKFA was formed in 1947, prior to the 1950 FIFA World Cup. The British Football Associations, the Football Association (England), the Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales and the Irish Football Association, applied to enter the 1950 World Cup after boycotting the previous competitions. FIFA ruled that as the United Kingdom was one nation, they could only enter one team. The SFA proposed that the winner of the Home Championship should represent the United Kingdom, however both the IFA and FAW objected. Eventually the FA, FAW and IFA agreed to field a combined team, whilst the SFA withdrew from negotiations and declined from participation. The SFA would later join the UKFA in 1953, in time to enter the 1954 FIFA World Cup.


The UKFA is made up of representatives from the FA, SFA, FAW and IFA. Each of the individual member associations nominate 10 candidates to the UKFA, who in turn nominate a President, Chairman, and Secretary. The UKFA also has a traditional figurehead President, who is a member of the British Royal Family. The current figurehead is Queen Elizabeth II.


Main article The UKFA Cup
In 1967 the Scottish Football Association decided to abandon the Scottish League Cup format and entered into talks with the Irish Football Association to create a combined Cup competition, to boost attendance figures. Initially the IFA refused, citing concerns about sectarianism, but then opened discussions with the UKFA to create a UK-wide knockout cup competition. All member associations agreed, and the new cup competition was formed. The format of the competition was a regional play off between the highest leagues in each constituent nation, the winners progressing into a UK-wide draw. Originally called the United Kingdom Leagues Cup, the competition immediately sparked huge interest and attracted large crowds. However the competition also became notorious for hooliganism, with rivalries and alliances developing between various clubs. For a short period between 1983-84 all games were limited to a home crowd, unfortunately this did not prevent hooliganism as rival fans bought up tickets and began fights outside and inside the grounds, as well as arranging large scale fights away from the grounds.

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