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Country comparison

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag of the United States United States
Population 74,394,000 318,256,000
Area 335,147.5 km2 (129,401.173 sq mi) 20,480,265 km2 (7,907,474.52 sq mi)
Population Density 221.9/km2 (574.9/sq mi) 15.5/km2 (40.2/sq mi)
Capital London District of Columbia
Largest City London – 8,174,100 (13,709,000 Metro) New York City – 8,244,910 (18,897,109 Metro)
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy Federal presidential constitutional republic
Official languages English (de facto) English (de facto)
Main religions 82.5% Christian, 5.4% No Religion, 1.7% Muslim, 0.95% Hindu, 0.57% Sikh, 0.45% Jew, 0.26% Buddhist.[1] 88.8% Christianity, 6.1% Non-Religious, 1.7% Judaism, 0.7% Buddhism, 0.2% Islam, 0.4% Hinduism[2]
Ethnic groups 92.1% White, 4.4% Asian, 2% Black, 1.2% Multi-racial, 0.4% Other 87% White American, 2.8% Hispanic and Latino Americans (of any race), 13.4% African American,
6.5% Some other race, 3.4% Asian American, 2.0% Two or more races,
0.68% American Indian or Alaska Native, 0.14% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
GDP (nominal) US$3.952 trillion (US$38,891 per capita) $19.094 trillion ($48,386 per capita)
GDP (PPP) $3.908 trillion ($52,531 per capita) $19.094 trillion ($59,995 per capita)
Military expenditures $73.7 billion $594.0 billion
Military Troops 560,180 15,927,754
English Speakers 64,600,000 287,444,149
Labor Forces 41,250,000 194,900,000
Telecommunications(Mobile Phones) 75,960,000 324,597,739

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