the United Kingdom
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Timeline: You Are Here

OTL equivalent: Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
Flag of UK YAH No coa
Flag of the UK of Great Britain and Ireland Coat of Arms
United Kingdom (1)
Anthem "God Save the King"
Capital Edinburgh
Largest city Edinburgh
  others Scottish, Welsh, Irish
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a federally constitutional monarchy, established when Great Britain and Ireland passed the Acts of Union. Ireland separated from the UK in the Ireland Revolution of 1932, following the onset of the Great Depression. England fell to Oswald Mosley and the Fascist Party shortly after the death of King George V, which his son Edward was unable to prevent.

Following the assassination of King Edward during World War II, Mosley England attempted to invade the UK. However, the UK remained neutral. When World War II ended, this provided a major drawback. The Allies staunchly refused to give England back to the UK, stating that it ought to be occupied. King George was outraged.

However, good fortune befell the British when a coup d'etat occurred in the Republic of Ireland. The new government was in favor the King and the British and Ireland rejoined Scotland and Wales and recreated the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

In 1964, Queen Elizabeth passed Act of English Good Riddance, taking England off of the national flag and creating a new flag merging Scotland with Ireland. The Capital was also moved from Edinburgh to Dublin.

The current and present king is His Royal Highness King Charles III, formerly the Prince of Wales under his mother Queen Elizabeth. The Heir Apparent and Crown Prince is William, Prince of Wales, to become William V upon his ascension.

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