United Kingdom of England, Wales and Italy
Regno Unito di Italia, Inghilterra e Galles (Italian)
Deyrnas Unedig o Gymru, Lloegr a'r Eidal (Welsh)

Timeline: Triunfa, España!
Preceded by 1598-1625 Succeeded by
Union of Crowns TE flag Union of the Crowns Flag of ItalyTriunfa,EspañaandRoR Italy
Flag of England England
Celt flag Celtic Federation
Flag of the United Kingdom Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Italy TE
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital London (1625-1700)
London (excecutive), Cardiff (Judicial) and Florence (legislative) (1700-1946)
Largest city Venice
Other cities Milan, Kent, Oxford, Liverpool, Plymouth, others
English, Italian, Welsh
  others French, Catalan, Scots, Scottish Gaelic, local dialects, Cornish
Anglican-Lombard Christianity
  others Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism
Ethnic Group White
Government Absolute monarchy (1625-1700), Constitutional monarchy (1700-1946)
Area area km²
Population population 
Currency Pound Sterling

The United Kingdom of England, Italy and Wales (shortened to UK oftentimes) was a nation comprising most of the Protestant territories of the former Union of the Crowns between the Union's dissolution in 1625 and the end of World War Two in 1946.