United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall
United Kingdom
Flag of the United Kingdom
National motto: 'Dieu et Mon Droit'
Language: English, also Gaelic (Scots), Gaelic (Irish), Welsh, Cornish and other languages
Capital: London
Sovereign Elizabeth II
Prime Minister David Cameron
Area 295,093 km²
Population 64,231,032
Currency: Pound

The United Kingdom is a federation of its five constituent nations - England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall. Each of these substates is recognised individually as a 'nation', and have distinct independence in terms of their domestic powers. Each of the five nations has its own Parliament and Executive. The head of state for the United Kingdom is Queen Elizabeth II, who also fulfils that role for the government of England. In each of the other four realms, the Queen appoints a deputy to act in her name. These officials are the Lord Lieutenant of Scotland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall. Both the Prince of Wales functions are filled by the heir to the throne, Charles, while the Queen's sons Andrew, Duke of Edinburgh and Edward, Earl of Ulster are Lord Lieutenants of Scotland and Ireland respectively.

The English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Cornish parliaments all elect a government to govern the nation, headed by a First Minister in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, and a Prime Minister in England and Ireland. The UK has a national Parliament as well, and its own Prime Minister to govern the entire nation. This distinction often causes confusion, as the country has three people who call themselves "Prime Minister". The Prime Minister of England and the Prime Minister of Ireland usually refer to themselves as the "Premier" and the "Taoiseach" respectively to avoid confusion.

David Cameron holds the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The offices of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Cornish leaders are held respectively by John Reid, Alex Salmond, Peter Hain, Charles McCreevy and Colin Breed.

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