United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, and Brittany
Timeline: [[English World]]

OTL equivalent: the United Kingdom, the Rep. of Ireland, Brittany, Normandy, Heligoland (Germany), portions of Belgium, part of Zeeland (Netherlands)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

A céad míle fáilte! (English, Irish)
("A hundred thousand welcomes!")

Anthem "God Save Our Queen"
Capital London 
Largest city London 
Other cities Nantes, Dublin, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Cork, Edinburgh 
English, Irish
  others French, Ulster Scots, Manx, Nordic languages
Ethnic Groups
English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Breton 
  others French, Nordic
Demonym British
Government Kingdom
Established 1550
Currency Pound Sterling
Time Zone Western European
Internet TLD
The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, and Brittany is a soverign state mainly located off the west coast of Europe, with the exclave of Brittany residing south of Cornwall, neighboring France. The United Kingdom has a rather large population and leads the world's industry, while in northern and western Ireland, Scotland, and Wales rolling hills and mountains and lots of rain are a part of the beauty of the British landscape. Brittany is ever-so-slightly more isolated from the rest of the country due to being across the Channel.

List of Dominions and Commonwealths (WIP)

Bold means the country is a dominion.

Italics means the country is a commonweath.





Pales (Note: Pales are internal provinces and not separate countries): Pale of Calais Pale of Antwerp Pale of Heligoland

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