Union of Islamic Nations
United Islamic Nations
Possible UIN flag.png
Largest city Vijaynagar
Official languages Arabic
Recognised regional languages Persian, Urdu, Turkish
Ethnic groups  Turks, Arabs, Persians, Indians
Demonym Muslim
Government Elective Monarchy
 •  Sultan Sultan Sulimen V
 •  1645 estimate 96 Million 
Currency Multiple

Rules and Regulations

  • Every decade a new Sultan is chosen amongst the members of the United Islamic Nations to act as the Head of the alliance and to represent the alliance at international forums.
  • Trading Pacts and rights must be administered with all members to succeed in acceptance.
  • During a conflict, members of the UIN must come to the aid of other UIN states. The only situation when this is not compulsory is when a UIN state is the aggressor.


Nation Capital Sultan Flag Map
Damascan Sultanate
Damascus Sultan Sulimen V
(1643 - incumbent)
Damascan Sultanate Flag
DS1630 1
Demak Sultanate Bintara Sultan Raden Patah 250px
PM3 Demak-2
Mansurriyya Sultanate Baghdad Sultan Abul Muhailim
([Insert] - incumbent)
Flag of Mansuriya Sultunate (Principia Moderni III Map Game) Mansurriyya
Urdustan Empire Pandua  Sultan Ilyas Shah Azeem
([Insert] - incumbent)
UrdustanFlag Urdustan 1590
Suri Empire Islamabad Sultan Asad Khan Lari
(1649 - incumbent)
Flag of the Suri Empire (Principia Moderni III) Screenshot 9

List of Sultans of the UIN

  • Flag of the Sultanate of Malacca Sultan Puwana I [1562 - 1572]
    • ​The first Head of the UIN and was the Sultan of the Sultanate of Malacca before the Sultanate capitulated to the Dutch forces following the defeat of the Malacca - Marrikuwuyanga coalition at the Battle of Sunda. Very few developments were made to the UIN during his reign and it remained mostly as a trade and religious alliance consisting mainly of the Damascus Sultanate and the Mansurriyya Sultanate with the link with Malacca Sultanate being weak and more or less, non-existent for Urdustan and Suri Empire.
  • Damascan Sultanate Flag Sultan Sulimen I [1572 - 1592]
    • The second Head of the UIN and was the Sultan of the Damascus Sultanate. Due to the UIN having lost a major member, that was the Malacca Sultanate in the aftermath of the Battle of Sunda; the Damascus Sultanate's position and importance in the UIN rose and thus, its Sultan was able to rule over the alliance for two decades before being succeeded by his son. During his reign, the Damascus Sultanate first saw war in the invasion of the Safavid Empire. It was during his reign that the influence and power of the UIN was the strongest. 
  • Damascan Sultanate Flag Sultan Sulimen II [1592 -1602]
    • The third Head of the UIN and the current Sultan of the Damascan Sultanate who succeeded his father as the Head of the UIN. After the completion of his term, he was succeeded by Sultan Abul Muhailim of the Mansurriyya Sultanate, effectively bring an end to the monopoly that the Damascus Sultanate had for three decades. During his reign, the influence of the UIN grew as the result of both Oman and Yemen joining the alliance but later on, suffered when the UIN suffered heavy losses in the Invasion of Anatolia. 
  • Sultan Abul Muhailim [1602 - 1622]
    • ​The fourth Head of the UIN and the current Sultan of the Mansurriyya Sultanate.' '
  • Damascan Sultanate Flag Sultan Sulimen IV [1622 - 1642]
    • With the recovery of the Damascan Sultanate, the son of Sultan Sulimen II, Sulimen IV, at the age of 50 takes the head of the UIN once again. Regaining lands in Anatolia, previously crippling them, the sultanate is up on its feet once more. Sulimen IV of the Damascan Sultanate, has made it very clear to his allies in the UIN, that they will not stand idly by whilst Alexandrian Egypt threatens to shut down the Philadelphi Canal, which has long supported the UIN.
  • Damascan Sultanate Flag Sultan Sulimen V [1642 - 1652]
    • Sultan Sulimen IV died at the age of 73. His son, Sultan Sulimen V takes over as the ruler of the Damascan Sultanate, and takes charge of office as leader of the UIN. Sultan Sulimen V takes charge at 19. He rebuilds Cairo, integrates Karaman, and advances Sinai. He begins his rule by declaring war on the Sultanate of Yemen. Due to their lack of upholding of Islam and lack of effort put into the UIN. The Sultan also takes on relationships with some European countries: Spain, Dacia, Rome, and Croatia. Gaining their newly found support, Damascus can become more involved with Europe.


Call to Meeting: 1622

Due to the current political climate that has potential to greatly affect the United Islamic Nations as an organization and all of its members, the Urdustani Emperor has requested that a general meeting be held by the leaders of each member nation to better respond to the current political climate.

Member Decisions:

Admission of Ankara: 1636

The Turkish War of Independence had been the first war in which the UIN, a organization created to preserve and protect Islam had turned their muskets toward the Muslims themselves. Many Muslims were killed on both sides and it resulted in our Turkish brothers separating themselves from the Damascan Sultanate and establishing their very own state. Possibly, out of regret of their previous actions; the Turkish Sultanate of Ankara has repeatedly attempted to join the ranks of the United Islamic Nations and its request has repeatedly been rejected by the Damascan Sultanate. It is of the view of Sultan Ahmad al Mahri of Yemen that Ankara should be forgiven, and accepted into the UIN for Ankara, too, is keen on protecting and preserving Islam. Therefore, this proposal has been brought forward in order for members of the UIN to vote on whether Ankara may join the UIN or whether it would be forced to be isolated by the Muslim World merely because the people of Ankara rose up against oppression

Member Decisions:

  • Damascan Sultanate: Nay - The Italian Stallion (talk) 16:55, October 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • Mansurriyyan Sultanate:
  • Yemeni Sultanate: Aye - RexImperio (talk) 02:37, September 15, 2014 (UTC)
  • Suri Empire:
  • Urdustani Empire: 

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