Federation of United Hellenic Provinces
Ομοσπονδία Ελληνικών επαρχιών
Timeline: Game of Nations

OTL equivalent: Greece, Southern Albania and Western Anitolia
585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg Coat of arms of Greece
Flag Coat of Arms
UHP Game Of Nations map
Location of the UHP

Ισότητα για το Μέλλον (Greek)
("Equality for the Future")

Anthem "Hail, Hellas!"
  others Albanian, Turkish
Greek Orthodoxy
  others Muslim, Judaism
Demonym Hellenic
Government Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister Dimitris Argyros
Area 123,398 Km
Population 12,851,520 
Established 1946
Currency Hellenic New Drachma
The Federation of United Hellenic Provinces, also referred to as the UHP, Hellas, or United Hellenic Provinces, is a nation located in southern Europe and Asia minor. It is a Parliamentary Republic, and although it tends to be non-interventionist in terms of foreign affairs, the UHP favors left-leaning, socialist-like ideas within its own borders. The UHP was founded in 1946 with United Nations assistance following its occupation by several much larger nations in a previous war.


Establishment and Early Years

The UHP was founded on June 15th, 1946, under UN assistance. The nation originally consisted of four provinces; Central Hellas, Epirus, Middle Thrace and Thrace. Hellas experienced a severe economic hit within the first 12 years of its existence due its closed-off policies and lack of trade with other nations. The country was essentially a socialist-style dictatorship during this period, with movement in and out of its borders highly restricted.

A short war with the Sultanate of Northern Africa in 1957 granted Hellas a piece of land in the Libyan region, with Benghazi as its largest city.

Installation of a Republic

With the death of their dictator, Georgy Spiros, the people of Hellas initiated a coup in which the previous government was overthrown and a parliamentary republic was installed. There were minimal deaths aside from the loss of several of Spiros' secretaries, friends and colleges, along with the dictator himself. The initial Parliament had 60 seats, 56 of which were occupied by the Hellenic Republican Party, which remains the nation's leading party to this day.

Several policies, including the segregation between Blacks, Turks (Mainly from Libya and Anatolia) and Whites, were disposed of completely. The UHP cut off ties entirely with New Rhodesia due to its Apartheid social structure that encouraged white supremacy, a concept that Hellas was now ashamed to have been involved in during the rule of the Spiros regime.

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