This is the Portal Page for United Germany, Divided Spain. As most of you know, the Holy Roman Empire was, for most of its life, internally divided into dozens or hundreds of states depending on the time period. There were mulitple attmpets to get Humpty-Dumpty back together again, but every one of them failed. However, what if one of these attempts succeeded, resulting in a United Germany?

The PoD is that Henry VI recovers from his Malaria rather than dying of it in September of 1197. He goes on to crusade in the Levant until he is captured by Ayyubid forces in 1199, where he is nearly killed.  Henry is rescued, returns to Europe a changed man, and abandons any claims on Italy.  Butterfly effects eventually lead to a stronger Muslim foothold in the Iberian Peninsula, thereby creating a Divided Spain. What happens beyond that is anyone's guess.


List of Conflicts

List of Nations

List of Important Persons

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