After the execution of Maximilian Robespierre many people turned their attention to the deposed General Napoleon Bonaparte, who was thought to be on the run. The Government launched the infamous "Hunt for Napoleon"

From the years 1795-1806 the search for Napoleon went steadily. Many thought he had escaped to Spain, others, to the New World and some simply thought he was dead. However, that was not the case. In 1797, two years after the operation started, there was a giant hint from the Austrian government that they had gotten word of exchanged letters between an unknown Austrian and what seemed to be a Frenchman as the Austrian wrote the word "French" instead of his name. Though this was very little, it was enough to get the French government into a frolic. An empire-wide investigation in Austria took place between the years 1797-1800. However, it was to no avail.

In 1798 (a year after the Austrian searches began) the Spanish Government also hinted on signs of Napoleon hiding in their country, too. Though they were proven wrong, after a year as there was sufficient evidence to comply. The search parties dug deeper into Europe. In 1801 the Netherlands were completely torn apart by the French search parties then the Italian states (Republic of Venice, Republic of Genoa, etc) were also searched. In 1802 the colonies nn America were also a likely suspect. But it all came down to Prussia. In 1806 the Prussian government gave permission to the French search parties to look through Prussia for Napoleon. He was found on August 1st 1806 in a small country estate in the Prussian countryside, then search parties had not expected much, but they had found him and had assumed a firefight with Napoleon. Of course he was just one man and eventually had to surrender.

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