United Federation of Sovereign States
OTL equivalent: Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin

United in Union, and in liberty (English)

Capital Chicago
Largest city Chicago
Language English
Demonym Federalist
Chairman of the Federation Congress
Currency UFSS Dollar

The UFSS is a federal state, existing currently only in the former American Midwest.


The government of the UFSS is divided into three branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.


The Executive Branch consists of the President's Cabinet and is headed by the President of the Federation. The President acts the commander-in-chief of the Federation Armed Forces, sets the policies of the federal government, and has the power of veto over the Federation Congress.


Like the US Congress, the Federation Congress heads the governement's legislative branch, and has the sole power to make national laws and change the Constitution. The House of Representatives gives each area of the country representation based on population, while the Senate has only 2 members for each state. The Congress is headed by the Chairman of the Federation Congress, who acts as the presiding officer over the while Congress.


The job of the Judicial Branch is to interpret the laws of the UFSS, and is headed by the Supreme Court of the Federation, which solely interprets the Constitution of the United States.


The UFSS is a state heavily swaying to the left politically, as the government is heavily run by parties belonging to the centre-left position. These are the main political parties in the UFSS:

  • Democratic Party: Founded in the United States in 1828, the party has survived the years of calamity since the seccession of Illinois and Michigan from the United States. The party's main bases for power are within most of Illinois, parts of Michigan, and about a third of Wisconsin.
  • Socialist Party: The Socialist Party of the UFSS also has its roots in the US from the Socialist Party of America, founded in 1901. They control almost all politics in Michigan, and garner some support in different parts of Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • Progressive Party: The Progressive Party, also with roots in the US, formed in 1924 in Wisconsin by followers of Senate Robert M. La Follette. It continues to control almost all of Wisconsin, but has made advances in northern Illinois and western Michigan.
  • Republican Party: The Republican Party still has some holdouts in the Federation Congress, but for the most part only exists in parts of Illinois.



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