United Federation of Pan-Asiania สหพันธ์สหรัฐแพนเอเชียเนีย
Timeline: New Sovereign World Order

OTL equivalent: China, India, Korea, the Philippines, Indochina, Japan, Thailand, Burma, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
Flag of UFPA Arms of UFPA
Flag Coat of Arms
United Federation of Pan-Asiania
Location of Asiania

ชาติ, ศาสนา, ประชาธิปไตย์ (Thai)
("Nation, Religion, Democracy")

Anthem "Glory to the Nation!"
(and largest city)
Nakhon Sawan
Other cities Beijing, Tokyo, Pieongyang, Mumbai, Saigon, Manila, Kuala Lumper
Language English, Thai (official)
  others Christianity
Demonym Asian, Asiania
Government Semi-presidential federal constitutional republic
  legislature United Federational Congress
President Prem Tinsulanonda of Thailand
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of Thailand (D)
Area 20,094,986 km²
Population 2,354,750,000 
Established Treaty of Bangkok, 1967
Lastest Constitution of the Federation, 2007
Currency United Federation Dollar ($) (UFD)
Time Zone (UTC +5:30 to UTC +9)
Internet TLD .pa .th
Organizations Moscow Cooperation Organization United World Federation

The United Federation of Pan-Asiania or Asiania (Thai. สหพันธ์สหรัฐแพนเอเชียเนีย and เอเชียเนีย) is a sovereign nation located in Southwest and Southeast Asia, which hold the second-largest land masses and the largest population in the world.

The country is the federative constitutional republic, consisting 17 republics. the head of the state is the President of the United Federation of Pan-Asiania or simply called as Federal President. the current president is Prem Tinsulanonda, President himself is Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the United Federation Armed Forces and the protector of the federal constitution.

Also, the country itself is a newly-developed country, with the world third-largest national economy, which made the United Federation the wealthiest nations along with the United States and Russia

Geographically, United Federation has shared it border with Islamic Union and Russia. Most of the land masses in United Federation are able to plants and do agriculture.

Also, United Federation is the one of the most powerful nations along with the United States of America.


Siamese Confederation

Went back to Kingdom of Siam in 1905, King Chulalongkorn wishes to modernize Siam to equal with the Western nations. The King himself has declared to change its status from Absolute Monarchy to the form of the republican government. So, the Siamese Confederation was declared to replace its original form of the government. And appointed himself as the first Presdident of the Siamese Confederation. As the former King Chulalongkorn took office as the president, the President himself declared that after his death, there would be no more royal family in the new republican government again. Former King Chulalongkorn stayed in the office until his death in 1910, the first and formal presidential election was begin after the former king's death, but during the presidential election, the coup of the conservatist and monarchist was began to be the first Siamese Civil War led by the Admiral of the Fleet (Chom Phon Reau) Luang Yuthasartkosol, but the Confederacy State Police, who was loyal and follow the way of the former king has left for them to walk on, was able to clear all the protest and captured all the coup members. In that day, Phraya Manopakorn Nititada, the head of the police corporal who was competing for the Presidential Office was won the election and stayed in the office for about 12 years before his resignation in 1922.

During the War of the Greats in 1939, the Central Powers including Germany, Italy and Japan intended to conquer Siamese Confederation with the same side with the other powers in Central Powers. But in aid of the United States of America and the Allied nations the Siamese Confederation was able to fight the Japanese forces into its announce of death of their Emperor Hirohito of Japan. the Siamese Confederation was allowed to control the land oversea of Japan and the other lands that been captured by the Imperial Japanese Forces. the President of the Confederacy in that time, Lord Field Marshal P. Phibulsongkram was able to gain the Siamese people's hope in protecting their land, President himself congratulated by changing its name into "Thai Confederation"

Its long years of victorious was over after the fascist M.C.U.A (Military Cooperative Union of Americas) was declared war to the United States and its allied. President Kittikhachorn (the president in that time) was declared to the other neighbor countries to join the new proposed "United Federation of Pan-Asiania" by send the state letter to the head of states via the ambassadors, the countries that would agree to join President Kittikhachorn was India, Vietnam and China. the Federation itself was establish by the Vietnamese Foreign Minister, Indian Prime Minister and Chinese Prime Minister that joined the treaty of U.F.P.A or known as "Treaty of Nakhon Sawan" in 1968. By declaring its central of governing body is Nakhon Sawan. Its purpose was to protect the member states from any nations that declared to attack with the federation, for the economical development and the cultural progress.

United Federation of Pan-Asiania

After United Federation was establish in 1968 the position of President was re-establish as the Federal President by electing President Kittikhachorn of the former Thai Confederation. President himself, along with the President of the United States declared the war to the M.C.U.A which was led by General Jose Grande, High President of the Confederated States of the Americas. Which is this point is the beginning of the "War of the Worst" (Coudillo War)

Politics and Government

United Federation is now framed as the federal republics with the semi-presidential system which is the President of the United Federation of Pan-Asiania as the head of the states and the Prime Minister of United Federation as the head of the government. the Judiciry of the United Federation is independent from the executive and legislative branches.

Constitutional history

As the United Federation has drafted its first federal constitution. It is handed as the first constitution that has not been used as the a permanent federal constitution, but used until 2007. The Second Federal Constitution is the latest constitution and as the permanent constitution when it is completed in 2008.

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