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The United Federation of New South Quebec is a rising movement in the 1983: Doomsday timeline, a small alliance of city states in the lawless remains of the province. It was founded by a group of Aboriginal leaders, former military officers, ex-Mounties and self-made leaders seeking to bring order to anarchist South Quebec.

The Federation was formed in 1992 out of the New Iroquios Alliance, a society of Native Americans who were forced to resort to the way of their ancestors to survive; Terranova Trois Rivieres, a city state based out of the ruins of Trois Rivieres; the Kingdom of New Montreal, a city state built on the shores of a river from the remains of a downed CSIS air raid en route to Russia; and Nova Territorias, a town in the pristine wilderness of Quebec controlling a considerable amount of farmland and forests.

Together, they worked to build a new capital in Nova Territorias for many years, unknown by the ruthless anarchist terrorists raiding South Quebec for territory. They welcomed refugees with open arms and grew in population and legend among the lawless citizens of South Quebec. However, the conquerors heard these legends and searched for Nova Territorias relentlessly. The city was discovered in 2007 and attacked, starting the South Quebec War.

By 2010, knowledge of the United Federation had reached Canada and after heated discussions a raid team was sent to Nova Teritorias to help in the war. The extra support helped, and by 2011 the terrorist conquerors lost power and were forced to flee. Out of the 27 terrorist leaders, 15 were captured and executed via electric chair and 11 escaped and are still at large. However, it is believed that they killed each other off and now only 5 remain, struggling to regain power. The battered United Federation narrowly survived and has been under exensive repair for a year now with assistance by Canada.

The former Federation leader, Anthony Tempest, formerly founder and mayor of Nova Territorias, died in the war and was replaced by Daniel Tucker Jr., who is currently starting a massive campaign to expand their borders with the goal of unifying all of South Quebec before being annexed by Canada, therefore making South Quebec a new province. The campaign is going successfully, but the new territories are increasingly fragile and an invasion would be very easy. 90% of Federation forces are going into the expansion, leaving the Canadian assistance forces to practically run the counry themselves.

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