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United Federation of Cities
United Federation of Cities
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Somewhere along the Iowa-Missouri border
Flag of UFC UFC CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the UFC within Iowa and Missouri. Red is where the people actually are, whereas pink is the claim. Of course, no one lives in the claiimed lands.

The Great Spockism Can Save Us All (Spockist Basic)

Anthem "God Bless the Federation"
Capital New San Fran
Largest city Vulcan
Spockist Basic
  others English, French
Religion Spockism
Demonym Federation, UFC
Legislature Kirkian Court
First Admiral Kirk Ben Carmen
President Alice Illings
Established 1992
Currency Federation Credit (C)
Time Zone Spockian Federal Time Zone
The United Federation of Cities is an unrecognized nation located between Prince George, Provisional Canada and Athabaska. It is a combination of several villages and small cities. The citizens of the UFC follow the strict code of life led by Almighty Lord Spock which has helped them survive after Doomsday.



On Doomsday, some 12 Trekkies were eating popcorn and watching a VCR tape of the Wrath of Khan (which Ben recorded) when the bombs fell. These Trekkies did not know what to do, and they were in grief that they could not watch the movie completely. They did they did have a bit of knowledge on living in the wild outdoors, but they were not sure what to do next.

These trekkies wandered for many months and were on the verge of emotional breakdown (not to mention starvation) when they managed to get to Vulcan in Alberta. It was here where one of the trekkies figured out the solution: logic. They would try to suppress all harmful emotion and take the path of logic led by Lord Spock. This solution helped them amass a large crowd, in the few 100s and they managed to wander to a nice farming location in between Alberta and British Columbia.

LIfe was tough to begin with, and the mountains and hills did not help, but eventually the crops grew and they were helped by the extra rainfall. After the first successful harvest, a sacrifice was offered to the Almighty Lord Spock. The population grew as more refugees arrived and soon nearby villages and towns saw the life which the people of Hilton and Jasper (the name of the town they occupied) lived in and wanted to bask in the same success.

This lead to the signing of the Federation charter (in 1992), where Hilton and other towns all became part of the UFC. It also established Spockism as their main religion and many of the citizens of the UFC began to follow the teachings of Lord Spock.

One of the original 12 Trekkies, (Benny Carmen), was chosen to become the leader of the UFC. He became the first "Admiral Kirk of the UFC", and ordered the construction of the UCS Enterprise. The UCS Enterprise in fact was a rundown bus which would be renovated and would transport the Kirk and his government. Some cities objected to this and eventually broke away, believing that all resouces should be spent on increasing crop production. When the UFC continued to do well, these cities found no choice but to rejoin the Federation as their people starved.

Over the years, more towns joined and the increased populace has been beneficial to the production of crops. Spockism grew hugely in the Federation and in a census (2000), over 78% of the population stated they were Spockist.

The Original Twelve

The Original Twelve are the following:

  • Ben Carmen (oldest remaining Trekkie, First Admiral Kirk)
  • Johnny Foreson (deceased, died while on diplomatic mission to add more cities to the UFC)
  • Alice Illings (alive, Federation President, who is right underneath the Admiral)
  • Billy and Willy Alsakan (alive, Admirals in Starfleet)
  • Edith Green (deceased, died of natural causes, December 4, 2003)
  • Grace (lost somewhere)
  • James (also lost somewhere)
  • Master Spock (his real name is unknown, this is his name, he is believed to be the Spock incarnate. He is a priest of Spockism now.)
  • The Khan Brothers (Ron, Paul, and Rick. They are the "Khans" of the UFC)


More than once, the Federation has attempted space travel, although no one from the UFC has left the ground.

However, an abandoned bus was discovered. The UFC ordered it to be named UCS Enterprise, although the UCS Enterprise was rundown which would take time to be renovated and would transport the Kirk and his government. Some cities objected to this and eventually broke away, believing that all resouces should be spent on increasing crop production.

Also, the UFC found four cars in working condition underground in Iowa. These cars were also renovated. They became the UCS Vulcan, the UCS Kirk, the UCS Spock, and the USC Federation. All four are government vehicles, although the Federation crashed in 1997.

Government and Politics


The Almighty Overlord Spock

The UFC is led by four of the original twelve, who ultimately control the nation based on Spockism. When they die, the next Spock/Kirk/Khan/Roddenberry incarnates will take over and continue the Spockist beliefs.


The economy of the UFC is mostly agriculture, since people only do that. Some people raise cattle, although all meat is sacrificed to the Almighty Spock.

Admiral Kirk has also ordered that 1 or 2 small factories should be restarted to increase agricultural production as well as cloth making speeds, although Master Spock claims that the overlord would not approve of this.

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