United Federation of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas
OTL equivalent: The US states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas
United Federation of LMA flag UF
Flag Coat of Arms
United Federation of LMA
Location of United Federation

"Glorious days shall arrive" (English)

(and largest city)
New Orleans
Other cities Little Rock, New Jackson and State Port
  others French
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism
Government Federal Democratic Republic
President of the Federative Council Nicholas Lorusso
Area 398 558 km²
Population 11 million 
Established 1966
Currency Federative Dollar

The United Federation is a country that was created after the fall of the US. This country is the union of the old US states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

ATL History

Foundation of the United Federation

After the nukes fell, the US collapsed and various countries were formed in the old American territory, one of those countries were the "Arkansania Protectorate" and the "French State of America". A country named Texania near those two other countries was disputing territory with Arkansania, and a year later Texania declared war on Arkansania. Arkansania, seeing that they were losing the war, desperately asked to unify their armed forces with French State to have some chance against Texania. The new allies won the war and saw that united they were strong. In July 6, 1966, those allied countries united, setting New Orleans as the national capital. Elections were made, and then, Peter West was named as the president of the United Federation.

Peter West First mandate (1966-1970) and the crisis

The first president of the United Federation was Peter West (1966-1974), he took the presidency when the country was having the biggest crisis they ever had in history, people were in misery, crimes were frequent, there were lots on beggars on the streets, and the only rich person in the country was the president himself. The only solution the president found was creating jobs to the beggars and give homes to them, and doing so the country would have more people working, and making money. He then took the decision to found a new city called "State Port" in the old ruins of Bay St Louis.

Trading with Brazil

To resolve the crisis, they needed to export products they had a lot in storage and import other products to produce other things to generate money. The United Federation wasn't the only country to have this ideology, Brazil had this ideology too. Brazil and the United Federation quickly became trade allies as they traded cotton and sugar to each other, making money for both sides. In 1970, Peter West was reelected as the president of the United Federation, most part of the population voted for Peter West because he raised the economy of the country and made big allies, as Brazil.

Texanian conflict

Texania, still angry with the United Federation, tried to assassinate Marcos Oliveira (the emperor of Brazil) to weak the United Federation allied country of Brazil. Brazil then declared war on Texania and his allies (Nueva Venezuela and Mexico), as the United Federation and New California entered on the war too.

War with Neighbor (1972-1980)

Months have passed and Brazil and its allies only began to advance after the great battle of "The Last Tear" over Belém, in Brazil. Although Texania advanced through the Federative territory until they surrounded the city of New Orleans and invaded it, destroying almost the entire city and killing a lot of people. The Texanians got into the President's room and killed him with no mercy, destabilizing the country of the United Federation.

Final year of war

It didn't delay for Texania to fall as their allies too. When the federative allies won the last peace of land controlled by Texania, they started to commemorate as they won the war. To humiliate even more the Texanian allies, it was created the "Treaty of State Port".

Texania and its allies had to pay for the expenses and the losses to the victorious countries (estimated 3.2 Billion West Dollars), Mexico had to give away the Baja Peninsula, Nueva Venezuela had to execute their president, and Texania had to stop producing weapons and ammunition. This treaty made a revolt in the losers countries as everything in those places were destroyed.

New president (1981-1999)