The UEAOP is a committee of nations helping to protect Europe from war and ensure peace and national sovereignty for its member nations. The main goal of the UEAOP is to protect and promote peace throughout Europe.

Rules Of The UEAOP

  1. In order to join, an invitation must be sent out by the current President, then accepted by the one invited
  2. If a country is at war, they can not join the Alliance until the war has been resolved.
  3. Every two years a member state will be selected to be on the state council. (Max. five States On The Council, but for now, only two on the Council until a minimum of seven nations have joined the Alliance)
  4. The Current Ruling Nation Can Not Vote Unless A Tie
  5. Any Ruling State may run again, but not consecutively. Also, the ruling nation can not be a candidate for presidency unless two years have passed since the ruling state has been the ruler.
  6. A presidency of a nation will last one two years, and can be reelected for a second one two year term. (ADDED IN 1916) A third two year term will become available if the council agrees to it, or for if the elections are a tie, or if no other nation registers for presidency. If by two years after that, a nation has still not registered, the oldest council nation that has been president before will be elected president.
  7. No nations apart of the alliance can wage war unless extreme issues and injuries have been done to each country, and then, the council must vote on it.
  8. If a non-Alliance country declares war on an Alliance country, the entire Alliance must declare war on that non-Alliance country.
  9. There will be free trade among the members unless voted against by the council. This can be vetoed by the president but can be voted on again by the council, and it is automatically approved.
  10. Voting will start at the beginning of a year and end six months later. New voting will start 2 years after the current president has been elected/reelected (Vasil Radoslavov's Term is an exception.)
  1. Any nation may be kicked out of, or permanently banned from the Alliance. Kicks and bans will be voted for upon the council. The President can veto, but if voted for again by the Council, it is automatically approved if won. If the subject for kick/ban is on the council, a temporary replacement will replace that nation during the voting, and the nation subject for kick/ban is not able to vote.
  2. (ADDED IN 1916) The Alliance will be a Republic Democracy, with a member nation being elected by all other member nations, or a majority of votes, to be Alliance President. A 5-Nation Council will also be elected upon the same year as a new president.
  4. (ADDED IN 1916) ALL votes MUST be cast on the talk page of this item. If any vote that is not on this page will be nullified until transferred here.
  5. (ADDED IN 1916) All members, including ones on the council, and President, may only vote ONCE
  6. (ADDED IN 1916) '''All members are required to vote.
  7. (ADDED IN 1916) '''If less than 5 Nations are elected to the council, the President will choose which other nations will be in the council.
  8. (ADDED IN 1916) If a tie is in the Presidency, the oldest one apart of the Alliance wins.
  9. (ADDED IN 1916) The Council can vote to change rules. This can be vetoed by the President, but can be voted on again if the Council wants to. Then, it is automatically changed if won.
  10. (ADDED IN 1918) If no one has voted for a new council by the time a council election is over, Random.Org will be used to select a member nation, according to each nation's number.
  11. (ADDED IN 1918) The President can not vote for Council
  12. (ADDED IN 1918) A country can vote for itself in the Council and Presidency. The President can also vote for itself in reelection.



CURRENT PRESIDENT: Vasil Radoslavov Of Bulgaria Presidential Term: January 1st 1918- January 1st 1920

CANDIDATES FOR THE NEXT PRESIDENCY: Candidate 1: Adolf Hitler (he's much more peaceful than in OTL, and advocates world peace and art)

Greece's Leader

Members Of The Alliance

1. Bulgaria

2. Germany (Council Member)


4. Greece (Presidential Nation)

5. Sweden

6. Italy

Members Of the Alliance State Council

1. Greece (Presidential Nation)

2. Germany

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