United Empire of Great Britain and Germanic Commonwealth
United Empire of Great Britain and the Germanic Commonwealth
Official language English
Capital London
Queen in 1970 Queen Elizabeth II
President Liam Charles
Establishment United Empire of Great Britain and Germanic Commonwealth (1970)

British Pound

The Union

On Adolf Hitler's deathbed, he talked of the Union of the Germanic Empire and British Empire. Hitler died at age 77 in 1966 of ill health.

He said "For me to deliver my promise of a Thousand Year Reich, I must restore the monarchy to the fatherland; the British Monarchy has Germanic blood and the British culture is very much equal to our own. I have always believed in a free Germany, and now that I have rid it of its enemies within, democracy should be possible in its delivery".

Chancellor Kohl promised to the Germanic people to hold a referendum on the issue in 1969, after they saw what life was like under him. In March 1969, the referendum was held, and 82% issued a 'YES' vote. The following year, Germany and its empire came under British sovereignty. The flag combined the German eagle and British Commonwealth flag.

In 1973 it was decided that a president should govern over the nations, with each electing a Prime Minister. Liam Charles was elected in June 1973. The former United States Prime Minister won by 700 million votes to beat Australian Labor candidate Michael Sherman.


  • Mars Landings in 1976 due to collaboration of science. They are able to create a ship capable of reaching speeds to reach Mars within a year of launching.
  • International Space Station in 1977.
  • SpaceTours also released in 1977.

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