Witami Vorinu fu Tilkini
United Dominion of Tilkini

Timeline: Luna: Earth II
Map of colonies
(and largest city)
New Earth
Language Talnuwathiki, English, Chinese, Russian, German and French.
Demonym Tilkinan, Tilkinian
Legislature National Government of Luna
Area approx. 1 673 980 km²
Population approx. 79 500 
Established 2013

The United Dominion of Tilkini (colloquially just "Tilkini") is one of the two United Nations of Luna Coastal Issue Reserves (the other being United Dominion of Merkili.) It is comprised of 6 districts that have been reserved for the 6 Earth countries with the greatest coastal issues. It is currently being prepared by lunans, and will most likely be fully established in late 2013.


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Due to Luna's higher gravitational pull, stronger and larger tides are produced. This had also caused flooding and tsunami problems for everyone that lived near the coast of countries near sea level. People soon started to leave the coasts inward, making city populations rise and job accessibility lower.

Luna 2, one of the United States's lunar satellites, discovered Luna's poles were warm enough for humans to live comfortably at a temperature too warm for lunans to live in. This lead president Ronald Regan to propose the colonization of Luna.

The Colonies