The United Democratic Nations (UDN) is an intergovernmental organization with the stated aims of promoting democracy, human rights, world peace, and most of all, nuclear non-proliferation. The UDN was founded in 2013 in order to replace what many saw as the failure of the United Nations to both prevent Y2K and nuclear war.

At its founding, the UDN had ten members: Central African Republic, Uyghurstan, Ireland, New Zealand, Palestine, the Sahwari Arab Democratic Republic, Sul, Ukraine, the United States, and Zanzibar.

The UDN Headquarters resides in international territory in Gaza City.


  • Flag of the Central African Republic Central African RepublicNovember 12, 2013
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland - November 12, 2013
  • Flag of Commonwealth of Australia and Newzealand New Zealand - November 12, 2013
  • Flag of Palestine Palestine - November 12, 2013
  • 800px-Flag of Western Sahara svg Sahwari Arab Democratic Republic - November 12, 2013
  • Bandeira do sul Sul - November 12, 2013
  • Flag of Turkmenistan TurkmenistanNovember 23, 2013
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine - November 12, 2013
  • Flag of the United States Customs Service United States - November 12, 2013
  • Kokbayraq flag Uyghurstan - November 12, 2013
  • Flag of Zanzibar Zanzibar - November 12, 2013

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