United Confederation of Central America
Confederación Unida de América Central
Flag of United Confederation of Central America.png
Map of UCCA 1866.png
Map of Central America, 1866.
CapitalGuatemala City
Official languages Spanish
Government Revolutionary republic
 -  President Justo Rufino Barrios
EstablishmentApril 8th, 1866
 -  1865 estimate 2.1 Million 

The United Confederation of Central America is a country that was formed by a union between the Republics of Guatemala and El Salvador in 1866. It currently is composed of three Provinces, each with their own Lieutenant-Governor.

Currently, Justo Rufino Barrios, is the President of the United Confederation of Central America. The Capital of the U.C.C.A is Guatemala City.


Its conception was based upon the idea that a united Central America is a strong Central America. The concept began after the coup executed by the country of El Salvador that overthrew the conservative government of Guatemala in 1863. The country was formed April 8th, 1866.

Upon its creation the previous President of El Salvador, Gerardo Barrios, became the first Lieutenant-Governor of El Salvador, effectively retaining his power as the head of state of El Salvador for at least the remainder of his term until 1870.