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The United Communities of New England is an alliance of several nations that was founded in 2012. The alliance covers areas in and around what was New England in the former United States. It is heavily based upon the United Communities, which has been a successful alliance that has sprung up in the Great Lakes region in recent years. In fact, both alliances have very good relations with each other.


Ever since contact was made between Vermont, Aroostook and the Northern townships in northern New England, these three nations have had very close ties to each other. These nations, over time, grew closer and closer. In fact, they grew so close that they decided to meet in Manchester (the region's largest city) to discuss the possibility of an official alliance between the three nations. The idea passed, and the United Communities of New England was born.

Alliance Laws

  • All nations shall not attack any other nation within the alliance. If such a thing occurs, the agressor will be kicked out of the alliance.
  • All member nations must not have any form of segregation or slavery legalized.
  • Every member nation must have free elections and freedom of the press.
  • The death penalty is not permitted for any type of crime. However, life in prison is legal.
  • Every child between the ages of 6 and 16 must go to school or be homeschooled.

Current Member Nations

Future Member Nations

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