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United Britannic Commonwealth
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: The Commonwealth Realm.
Flag of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars)
(and largest city)
Other cities Durban, Toronto, Sydney
English (lingua franca)
  others Dutch, French, Russian
  others Catholic, Islam
Demonym Britannic, British (archaic)
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Labor)
Established 1876
Currency Pound sterling (UCP)
Internet TLD .uc

The United Britannic Commonwealth (U.B.C.), commonly known as the United Commonwealth (U.C.), is a constitutional monarchy and confederation with territory spanning across the globe. Established in 1876 as the unification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland with several of its North American colonies, the United Commonwealth was established as a confederation of three dominions (Acadia, Britain, and Canada), governed by a single Parliament, and with the Monarchy being a united figurehead. The United Commonwealth would expand to include more dominions.


After years of conventions and discussions, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland agreed to establish a closer union with some of its North American provinces.

As part of the New Union Act of 1876, the Maritime provinces were united into the Dominion of Acadia, the Great Lakes provinces were united into the Dominion of Canada, and titular United Kingdom was reorganized into the Dominion of Great Britain and Ireland.

All three dominions would send representatives to a unified Parliament, while the monarchy retains the head of state. London remained the capital of the larger union.

Several years later, Columbia became a dominion. More dominions would be added throughout the 20th Century.


The United Commonwealth is a federation of dominions and colonies. While a single nation on many levels (including currency, foreign policy, military), each dominion is entitled to many sovereignty in particular to their area (including regional trade and militias).

In many cases, several dominions were established from the unification of provinces. Because of which, several dominions act somewhat like federations within themselves, but in many ways have become centralized.

English is the official language of the United Commonwealth, but due to its vast territory, many other languages are spoken primarily on the regional level. This includes Russian in western Borealia, French in Acadia, Spanish in Patagonia, and as well as Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh within the British Isles.


Map of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars)

The Dominions of the United Commonwealth.

The United Britannic Commonwealth is a confederation made up of several dominions and crown colonies.

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