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A Good Riddance - George V of the United Kingdom cartoon in Punch, 1917

During the tense period between the First and Second Global War, their was a feeling of hostility, which eventually forced the British to rename and restrict the use of German titles held by British Nobility, including the Royal family. Many of these titles were later re-instated after the Burma Crisis, before the Second Global War broke out.

The United Coalition (German: Vereinigte Koalition) is an alliance created in 1846 to combat the rising power of the Marseilles Pact by Prussia and the United Kingdom. Many considered it the "Second North Sea Pact that was ended after the defeat of the Prussian Expansion War in 1832. The alliance survived the First Global War, but Britain left after the war due to the new German Empire's meddling in the Italian Civil War, and a rapprochement with France, but which later failed, and the United Coalition welcomed Britain back in time for the Second Global War, but were defeated by the Grand Alliance, and disbanded in 1916.

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