United Citizen Federation
Timeline: Battle for Earth: The Forge (Map Game)
Flag of the UCF Seal of the UCF
Flag Emblem
Anthem "It's A Good Day To Die"
Capital Earth
Largest city New York City
Other cities Geneva (Earth), Bueno Aires (Earth), Olympus City (Mars), Liberty (Luna)
Language Basic (English)
Religion Secular
Demonym Citizen
Government Democratic interstellar federation
  legislature Federal Council
Sky Marshall Oscar Warden
Currency UCF Credit

The United Citizen Federation is one of the three major human powers in the solar system, and the largest and generally most powerful of the three.



Interstellar Relations

Administrative Division


Federal Armed Service

The Federal Armed Service (FAS) is the name of the unified military forces and military operations branch of the United Citizens Federation. It is the driving force in the UCF and used as the primary force to get civilians to become citizens of the Federation. The FAS consists of the Mobile Infantry, Fleet and Military Intelligence operational units and is considered the backbone of the Federation, defending its borders, protecting trade routes and invading enemy territory. The FAS is overseen by Terran Command, the joint chiefs of staff responsible for the giving the military branches their orders.

Mobile Infantry

UCF Soldiers

Soldiers of the Mobile Infantry on the attack

The Mobile Infantry comprises the bulk of the FAS, and is the primary force tasked with carrying out most of the military operations of the Federation. The Mobile Infantry is absolutely massive, with tens of millions of armed personnel drawn from the most densely populated worlds in the solar system. While the military is capable of using complex combined arms operations, the Federation tend to favor the usage of hordes of infantry and overwhelming firepower to grind its adversary into dust. The average infantryman only receives two months of combat training, and poor body that is mass produced to maintain the Federation's military power.

For this reason, no other force outnumber the Federation's armies in the field of combat. The Mobile Infantry is considered expendable by Terran Command, and do not match the quality, experience, and training of the Federation Marine Corps, who are themselves drawn from the scant survivors of the Mobile Infantry. Equipped with weapons such as the simple Morita Assault Rifle for infantrymen, to the more complex Railgun Rifles for the more important units, the Mobile Infantry is relatively uniform in its standard of equipping its troops. The force is backed by powered armor units which help add to the punch of the Mobile Infantry.

Federal Fleet

The Federal Fleet is the combined air force and interstellar military arm of the UCF, charged with handling patrolling of the traffic between the worlds of the UCF, and the planet-side deployment of Mobile Infantry forces. Considerably better armed an trained by the government, the fleet is divided into the fleet proper, and the Federation Marine Corps, the force tasked with protecting the ship and engaging in planet-side operations.

Military Intelligence



Morita Assault Rifle

The Morita Assault Rifle is that standard-issue assault given to fresh combat troops of the Mobile Infantry. The Morita comes in three variants. The standard variant includes a shotgun on the lower front of the weapon. The second version mounts a telescopic scope onto the standard rifle and is issued (in very small numbers) to the designated squad marksman. The third variant is a carbine version which is shorter, lighter and lacks a shotgun. The carbine is given to unit leaders and fleet personnel for use. The Morita has its extremely high magazine capacity, which allows a soldier to carry hundreds of bullets unhindered. The Morita can punch a hole through two inches of Titanium, likely due to its long barrel and high-caliber ammunition, but this in turn would produce immensely high recoil and limit its overall usefulness.

Morita II Assault Rifle

The advanced Morita II Assault Rifle is the weapon issued to veteran squads of the Mobile Infantry and Federation Marine Corps. Consisting of an assault rifle and grenade launcher, the Morita II was designed to increase the lethality of the individual soldier. Because of that reason, and the fact the average rank-and-file soldier has little individuality to the military, these weapons as mentioned, are given primarily to veteran soldiers who have proven themselves worthy of such a weapon. Regardless, the weapon is widely used by the Mobile Infantry in large numbers.

Morita III Assault Rifle

The latest version of the Morita Assault Rifle, the Morita III is used by the best of the Mobile Infantry forces, generally given to entirely veteran squads, and based on the UCF's more important locations, such as Luna. Like the Morita II, Morita III's are made up of an assault rifle and a grenade launcher combined in one compact package, sporting a shorting barrel unlike the Morita II's. These weapons are a bit bulky due to its size and shape. However, the weapon is nevertheless a deadly and effective weapon in the hands of a skilled trooper.

Railgun Rifle

Standing beside the Morita II is terms of general usage, Railgun Rifles are used by veteran troops as an alternative to the Morita II's they are often issued. The Railgun Rifles are more powerful than the conventional Morita Assault Rifle, but have a slower rate of fire. Railguns work by using electromagnets to fire conductive rounds at extremely high velocities. The Railgun Rifles produce very little recoil and do not to need reloading very often, as they fire very small rounds. This allows many rounds to be held in a magazine. However, like the Morita II's, Railgun Rifles are often passed in favor of the Morita III's for the best of the Mobile Infantry's forces.

EP-88 Railgun Rifle

The EP-88 Railgun Rifle is a larger variant of the regular Railgun Rifle. It is considered equivalent of a light machine gun, and can fire numerous rounds with little spread, allowing for a consistent rate of support fire for fire teams. These weapons are given to ever third squad, allowing one or two soldiers carrying them to put out enough firepower to get their teams out of trouble in a hurry.

Tactical Oxygen Nuke

The Tactical Oxygen Nuke (or just "Nuke"), is a grenade-size nuclear munition utilized by the military forces of the UCF. They are carried by one out of every five squads, and used for taking out massed enemy formations and heavy vehicles and targets. Unlike older fission or fission-fusion nuclear weapons the nuclear weapon used in UCF are ultra-low yield pure fusion weapons. Pure fusion releases energy like conventional nuclear weapons but doesn't require fissile materials such as plutonium or uranium and therefore produce no fallout.

Q Bomb

Q Bombs are massive, city-destroying weapons with a yield of 75 megatons. Like all of the UCF's fusion weapons, the Q Bomb produces no fallout, allowing their forces to immediately enter the detonation zone and wipe out any survivors, as unlikely as that may be. They are only used in total loss scenarios, where the military is going to lose a major battle or the loss of an important center. Every major city in UCF is equipped with a number of Q Bombs to destroy themselves, and the occupying enemy force.

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