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United Arab Republic presidential election, 1965
December 21, 1965
Egypt nasser Amin al-Hafiz
Nominee Gamal Abdel Nasser Amin Al-Hafiz
Party Arab Socialist Union Ba'ath Party
Home state Egypt Syria
Running mate Anwar Sadat Salah Al-Bitar
Popular vote 8,262,906 883
Percentage 99.99% 0.01%
President before election
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Arab Socialist Union
Elected President
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Arab Socialist Union

The 1st United Arab Republic presidential election was held on December 1, 1965. The two registered parties at the time the Arab Socialist Union and the Ba'ath Party ran their respective candidates. The incumbent President, Gamal Nasser of the ASU, won in an immense landslide against Ba'ath candidate Amin Al-Hafiz. Although the election is widely considered to have been somewhat fradulent, stemming from the wildly improbable vote count for Nasser, it is still agreed that Nasser, regardless of how much fraud was perpetrated, won against Al-Hafiz.


Arab Socialist Union

As the incumbent President, and an incredibly popular one at that, President Gamal Abdel Nasser was nominated by the ASU for the presidential election. Nasser chose his former Vice President and the current Speaker of the Egyptian National Assembly, Anwar Sadat, as his running mate.

Ba'ath Party

Amin Al-Hafiz was popular within Ba'athist circles for his compromise with Nasser that secured a pan-Arab future that would include both the Nasserists and the Ba'athists. As a result, the Ba'athist Party leadership nominated Al-Hafiz for the presidency. Al-Hafiz chose Salah al-Bitar, one of the key founders of the Ba'ath Party, as his running mate.

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