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United Arab Republic legislative election, 2012
December 1, 2012
Majority party Minority party Third party
Bashar al-Assad (cropped) Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi 2013 220px-Hsabahy4
Leader Bashar al-Assad Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi Hamdeen Sabahi
Party Ba'ath Party General People's Congress Arab Socialist Union
Leader's seat Damascus Abyan Baltim
Last election --- --- ---
Seats won 870 802 584
Seat change --- --- ---
Popular vote 7,176,496 6,621,921 4,820,273
Percentage 36.23% 33.43% 24.33%
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
6a00d834522bcd69e200e54f65e38d8834-500wi Amr moussa at the 37th g8 summit in deauville 054 00610x 1
Leader Azzam al-Ahmad Amr Moussa Abdul-Malik al-Mikhlafi
Party Fatah Conference Party Nasserist Unionist People's Organization
Leader's seat Ramallah Cairo Ta'izz
Last election --- --- ---
Seats won 60 43 13
Seat change --- --- ---
Popular vote 490,298 359,195 109,480
Percentage 2.48% 1.81% 0.55%
Speaker of the Assembly before election

Elected Speaker of the Assembly
Bashar al-Assad
Ba'ath Party

The 9th United Arab Republic National Assembly election was held on December 1, 2012. This election marked the first time the General People's Congress surpassed the ASU in vote count.


Ba'ath Party - 7,176,496 - 36.23%

General People's Congress - 6,621,921

Arab Socialist Union - 4,820,273

Fatah - 490,298

Conference Party - 359,195

Nasserist Unionist People's Organization - 109,480

National Republican Alliance - 109,331

Popular Front for Change and Liberation - 103,720

Toilers League - 19,605

Popular Nasserist Organization - 0 (Votes Invalidated)

Total Votes - 19,810,319

Party Reactions

Eagle of Saladin (green scroll) Arab Socialist Union - Speaker Sabahi expressed his massive discontent at the continued fall of his party's vote count, but insisted that the Arab people's belief in Nasserism and Third Worldism was still strong as it had been in the time of Nasser himself.

30px Ba'ath Party -  MP Bashar Al-Assad celebrated the victory of his party. Saying that a new Ba'athist age was once again around the corner, Speaker Al-Assad promised that under his leadership, the National Assembly would work together to continue the legacy that President Hussein left.

Conference Party - MP Al-Oraby expressed his happiness at his party's high first-time results. Al-Oraby said that these results express that liberalism is on the rise in the UAR, and that socialism would soon lose its way.

Fatah Flag Fatah -  Vice President Abbas made no mention of the decreased vote count from the last election, but said that Fatah's continued participation in Arab elections signaled that the fight for Palestinian rights and social democracy will not end with a whimper.

General People's Congress (Yemen) logo General People's Congress - President Saleh congratulated the voting populace for their belief in democracy. MP Hadi however was less neutral in his response, calling for the dismantling for the Ba'ath Party for its continued support for fascist policies.

30px Nasserist Unionist People's Organization - Having lost some of its vote count from the previous election, MP Al-Mikhlafi expressed his disappointment. Calling for an uprising of Yemenis against the larger ASU, MP Al-Mikhfali said that the ASU has diverted from the Nasserist path and that if Yemen wants to retain its autonomy it must expel said party.

National Republican Alliance Logo National Republican Alliance - MP Malek expressed displeasure at the party's loss of votes since last election. Malek cited that political Islam was the cause, and true liberation would never be achieved until it was abolished.

Logo of the PFCLPopular Front for Change and Liberation - MP Jamil expressed his pleasure with the victory of the Ba'ath Party, but said that true nationalistic victory would not be achieved until the ultra-nationalism that the Ba'athists encouraged stopped.

Flag of Hejaz 1917 Popular Nasserist Organization - MP Saad threatened to resign from his post due to the invalidation of the party's votes in the election by the Supreme Court. The votes were invalidated by accusations that the party was helping terrorist groups within the country kill political rivals.

Flag of the Toilers League Toilers League - MP Al-Khatib did not comment on the results of the election, but instead sent out a newsletter detailing the future plan of the league, which laid out plans for supporting Arab secessionist movements in Iran and abolishing the Muslim Brotherhood.